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Child Protection Information Sharing

Child Protection Information Sharing


Enhanced integration with the national programme

At a glance

Sentinel’s data technology helps both health providers and local authorities to meet the requirements of the national Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS) programme.

Providing social services and NHS teams with the more comprehensive and up-to-date picture of vulnerable children, our data solution ensures that the most accurate data is shared via CP-IS.

Risk is further minimised by updates being automatically processed by our system, with alerts that quickly highlight potential issues.

Key benefits

Improves collaboration between health and social care providers

CP-IS is an extension of the joined-up approach to service delivery already provided by Sentinel's systems which improve collaboration between the providers of child protection services.

Meets information governance requirements for CP-IS

Sentinel's systems incorporate the full range of access control features required, including the ability to dynamically restrict user access according to the level of child vulnerability, and a log of all system activity and data transmissions.

Provides protection for sensitive personal data

Comprehensive security levels ensure that the confidentiality of personal data is protected.

Greater accuracy

Providing highest-quality, accurate data and full audit history, Sentinel's solution presents the most complete and timely information known about a vulnerable child from across multiple agencies. 

Full chronology

Offers a comprehensive chronology of a child which can include full details of previous incidents and events, old addresses, as well as education records.

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