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Integrated Care

Integrated Care

e-Patient record

Providing a single, holistic view of care

At a glance

Providing a single, holistic view of care, Sentinel Partners’ e-Patient Integrated Care Record is a secure data integration solution tailored specifically for the NHS and its partner agencies.

Supporting the collaborative management of the care a patient is receiving, the solution works by consolidating everything that is known about the patient into a single secure e-Patient Data Hub.

Information is then shared in controlled and appropriate ways across all involved partners including hospital trusts and GPs or external partners such as local authority social care teams.

Key features and benefits

  • Improved decision making based on a holistic view of care
  • Effective collaboration with external partners with automated alerts between partner agencies - e.g. an elderly patient being discharged from hospital would trigger an alert to social services
  • Timely and accurate information for use in front-line systems
  • Improved assessment and management of wider needs – e.g. social care/home help for the elderly after discharge from hospital
  • Data protection by design methodology - each client (health service or trust) has full control over what information is shared and how it is handled

Sentinel’s technology provides the ability to set rules to watch for patterns or combinations of patient information and receive automated system alerts if thresholds are met.

By linking patient records to particular services, this functionality can be used to monitor outcomes after treatment and identify successes as well as any areas to address.

Further benefits include:

  • Identifying people who would benefit from particular services, for example those with mental health issues or those in need of loneliness support services
  • Protecting vulnerable patients and children by enabling greater levels of controlled data to be shared across health services and partner agencies

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