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New solution enables local authorities to track 'NEETS'

Sentinel is delighted to announce the launch of another business portal solution to add to the existing suite of solutions that are available to local authorities.

The new NEETS (or NCCIS) solution takes full advantage of the Sentinel Data Hub's ability to collect personal information from any structured source and merge it into holistc views of the individual.

This not only supports the merging of school leaver records to subsequent activities (such as further education, training courses, apprenticeships etc), but also builds up a full chronology of activities.

Sentinel Director and Chief Technical Officer Lee Coupland explained: "It is not enough for a local authority to know that a young person has applied for and enrolled on a course - the authority also needs to know if that person has dropped out of the course after two weeks.

"The matching and tracking capability of our NEETS solution can satisfy all of these requirements and more. It is able to identify and also provide case management for those young people who enter into the resulting NEETS cohort, who need more support than most."

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