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Helping Birmingham Children's Trust to support families

Sentinel's Supporting Families solution has enabled Birmingham Children's Trust to identify and support thousands of families across the city.

Used successfully during Phase 1 of the Troubled Families programme, Sentinel's Data Hub solution was extended to meet the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government's objectives for Phase 2.

The Data Hub integrates extremely large volumes of data -  amounting to millions of separate records - from more than 80 sources.

Data comes from core systems across the council, as well as external partners such as the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) and the police.

As its partner organisation Birmingham City Council also uses the Sentinel Early Years Funding solution (EEE), the TF team also has immediate access to funded pre-school children’s data.

Sentinel Partners director, Graham McCusker, said: "The extended scope of the programme led to a large increase in the volume of data being collected and processed.

"Birmingham’s target for Phase 2 was more than 14,000 families and for every one family accepted onto the programme, several other families needed to be considered. Without the help of the integrated data that is automatically provided by the Data Hub, the processing of this volume of data would not have been possible."

New and enhanced eligibility rules were set up in the system to cater for the greater scope of data and to accommodate the city council's own priorities.

As a result, the Children's Trust team was able to confirm the eligibility of families for the programme much more easily, and significantly increase its capability to ensure accurate PBR returns were made for outcomes.

"With the core Data Hub in place, the local authority is now working with Sentinel to share this data across other council teams. Once this rollout is complete, the sharing will be extended to include partner agencies and external professionals," added Graham.

"With the sensitivity of the information involved, every care is being taken to accommodate shielded record controls and very strict access rights. Information is only shared on a very controlled, need-to-know basis."


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