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Supporting Troubled Families programme at Birmingham City Council

Sentinel’s Data Hub technology has supported Birmingham City Council's Troubled Families programme since Phase 1 and its use is now being extended to meet the challenges of Phase 2.

Initially implemented as the authority’s Children’s Services Data Hub, the scope of data being collected and merged in The Hub (from both council and partner agency systems) was extended to provide the much-needed holistic person and family information. This was used by the TF team to automatically identify eligible families rather than depend on referrals.

For all families accepted onto the programme, The Hub has been able to provide information to track family progress through their support plans and to deliver on all reporting requirements. Use of Sentinel’s Data Hub technology enabled the Birmingham TF team to meet all of its Phase 1 targets.

Even for Phase 1 the volume of information collected was very large given the size and complexity of Birmingham, but now this is set to be increased significantly.

The Birmingham TF team has commissioned the full Sentinel Think Families Phase 2 solution to support the next phase of its programme. This has a planned go-live in early in 2016.

The new solution will ensure that all national and local criteria can be automatically monitored based on data feeds each night, providing a list of proposed new families each morning. It is also providing new capability to support Birmingham in Phase 2 such as on-line referral forms providing real time identification of potential families.

Sentinel Director Graham McCusker said: “Even with Birmingham’s size and complexity, we are sure we can build on the successes of Phase 1 and continue to fully satisfy the council’s needs in all future phases of the Troubled Families programme.”

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