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Serving a population of almost 190,000, Herefordshire is a unitary authority that was formed in 1998 when Hereford and Worcester reverted to two separate counties.

Before 2016, the authority had relied on an outdated, unwieldly, time-consuming system for tracking the progress of 2,000 school leavers per annum. Dating back to before the completion of the split with Worcestershire, data needed to be entered manually and some records were obsolete.

Sentinel’s Young People Tracker

Sentinel's Tracker is an online solution that automatically builds a comprehensive and accurate picture of what young people do after leaving school, supporting RPA duties and quickly identifying those who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET.

Herefordshire Council chose the Tracker following a competitive tender process. A key factor was the flexibility of the Hub-based solution and its ability to integrate multiple data sources.

Following their appointment, Sentinel’s team worked with the council’s Education and Troubled Families information team to install and configure the Hub software.

This involved taking time to integrate batches of data from around 30 sources – many of which were also used by the Troubled Families solution - and creating rules to help the team identify and track individuals. The set-up process also resulted in the council carefully evaluating its data feeds and ensuring there was a logic to those used.

The Tracker has been up and running since September 2016.

With the ability to integrate both central and local data streams, it now provides the council with a holistic view displaying all known events for each young person. These include:

·  Education and training – showing applications, enrolments, non-starters, drop-outs, transfers, leavers and those on a gap year

·   Employment - including those going into employment with training such as Apprenticeships or the armed forces and those taking temporary positions without training

·   Health, legal and care-related - covering long and short term care issues, SEND needs, pregnancies or youth offending

Detailed post 16 tracking and ongoing case management is facilitated by wide-ranging functionality, including online forms for direct input by third parties plus automatic alerts when an individual’s status becomes unknown or lapsed.


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