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Ensuring children's departments see the full picture

Sentinel's pioneering data software enables our local authority clients to offer enhanced help and protection to children – as well as improving their Ofsted ratings.

By taking data from all available sources, our Hub technology presents front-line teams with a comprehensive, single view of vulnerable young people.

And with frequent, automated updates, teams always have access to the most complete and accurate information.

The Hub’s powerful features are also enabling departments to implement the robust processes and procedures expected by Ofsted.

Multiple benefits experienced by our clients’ teams include:

Quickly identifying those at risk and making early interventions
Accurate, holistic data leads to a better understanding of a child’s needs and more timely assessments. Background information provided by the Hub includes views of all known relationships, including gang membership.

Enhanced multi-agency working and data sharing
The Hub improves collaboration by integrating shared data from any number of internal teams and external partners including the police, schools and NHS. 

More effective case management and performance oversight
Teams’ ongoing activity is easily monitored and managed through performance dashboards that provide full visibility.

Applying thresholds consistently
Additional guidance is provided by automated real-time alerts every time risk thresholds are crossed. These help to ensure thresholds are applied consistently and appropriately. 

Sentinel Partners director, Graham McCusker, said: “The Hub is making a big difference to our clients, with busy teams spending less time finding out what’s already known because the information is all there in front of them.

“As a result, action is being taken more quickly and based on a better understanding of the risks and the child’s best interests.

"The Hub is also proving crucial when it comes to Ofsted, with clients using it to underpin new and collaborative ways of working that result in the best ratings.”

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