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Complex Dependency

Complex Dependency

Underpinning multi-agency partnerships

Going beyond Troubled Families to jointly tackle the causes of domestic crisis

At a glance

For multiple local authorities, police forces and NHS bodies working in a partnership to address multiple and complex needs and inter-related issues that cause crisis for children and families, Sentinel provides an integrated data solution that helps to deliver greater efficiencies and improved outcomes.

Using its Data Hub and Portal technology, Sentinel creates a data warehouse that integrates disparate data from agencies to provide an accurate and single view of individuals and families across a sub-regional area covered by multiple local authorities.

The single, defined point of access supports and enhances the work of the main partners - for example: police, local authorities, probation service and the NHS - by helping them to identify and allocate support where it is needed most. 

Key benefits

Makes a joint approach possible

Sentinel's Hub is able to integrate data from any number of partners across a geographical area that may include several local authorities, police, trusts, NHS and the probation service.

Enhanced data security

Meeting strict information governance (IG) requirements, our solution provides fully-controlled access. It also features advanced data security with real-time data extraction that meets the police's IG obligations.

Helps to tackle wide-ranging issues

Our system can be set up to integrate data streams relating to wide-ranging issues such as crime, domestic abuse,  social exclusion, health, young carers, homelessness and unemployment.

Increased efficiency and £ savings

By facilitating joined-up approaches, our system helps to achieve significant efficiency savings across the various partner organisations. These are further increased by the system automatically performing tasks that are currently undertaken manually.

Improved decision making

Partners can allocate support which takes full account of an individual's social and family background. Advanced functionality provides data for front-line service teams to carry out 360-degree profiling and assess eligibility for the Troubled Families programme.


Sophisticated reporting

Sentinel’s solution also offers advanced reporting capability. Tailored to meet the specific requirements of teams and individual users, information can be presented and extracted in multiple formats.

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