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Consultancy and Project Management

Consultancy and Project Management

Valuable support for data-related projects

At a glance

Sentinel's experienced consultants provide comprehensive support for IT projects and are able to support or lead on all aspects of a project's data requirements. This includes initial analysis and profiling, data cleansing, as well as the transformation and upload into the new system.

Having resourced and managed a wide range of complex data projects across the private and public sectors, we know precisely what’s required to deliver a successful outcome.

We have extensive experience in the management, transformation and merging of all types of data, especially personal data. We can help organisations to use their personal data in compliant ways, and in accordance with best practice, to ensure that projects are able to do what is required while not breaching any data protection legislation.

Our services include:

  •         Support for data migration (extracting, transforming, uploading and reconciling)
  •         Managing data cleansing
  •         Designing and building new data solutions
  •         Application management
  •         Bespoke software development
  •         Data strategy and governance
  •         Data Protection reviews

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