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Helping local authorities respond to Covid-19

Sentinel’s data technology is enabling many local authority clients to identify and support citizens who are most at risk during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Playing a key role in managing and coordinating the tactical response, our Data Hub provides a holistic view that incorporates additional data from key health and care partners, including hospital trusts and clinical commissioning groups.

Data profiling functionality enables teams to continually identify households with individuals who are at greatest risk from contracting Covid-19 - for example, through keyworkers living in the same property - and those most vulnerable to complications due to underlying medical conditions. Appropriate shielding support can then be provided.

The software is also being used to prioritise care and support - for example, organising food or medical deliveries - for households with a positive case or where everyone is isolating.

“A unified dataset gives our clients a clear view of the most vulnerable people in the communities they serve,” explains Sentinel director, Graham McCusker.

“The agility of our technology also enables local authorities to adapt to changing priorities as the pandemic evolves, ensuring that their tactical response continues to be both timely and effective.”

RECENT PROJECT - Liverpool City Council


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