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COVID-19 Data Solution

COVID-19 Data Solution

Empowering Local Authorities and Health Trusts to identify and support the most vulnerable

How Sentinel is making a difference

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a new challenge to local authorities and health trusts. Identifying those most vulnerable is now more complex and crucial than before. Data intelligence is key to identifying those at risk.

By integrating the most up-to-date care, health and support information Sentinel solutions clarify where resources are required: ensuring continual visibility of the most vulnerable individuals and families so they can be prioritised to receive the right support.

Vulnerability comes in many forms. It is not limited to physical and mental health but encompasses financial pressures, social exclusion, domestic issues, crime and more. The dynamics of vulnerability will continue change as the pandemic evolves. The challenge, now and in the future, is to get the right support to those that need it, when they need it.

Sentinel’s agile data software isn’t just for use during the pandemic; its application will continue to enable a collaborative, efficient and effective management of public health, today and tomorrow.

Our clients transformed their provision of support overnight. Contact us to discover how we can improve your response to the crisis and beyond.

 User-friendly, fully-configurable technology 

Sentinel's Data Hub platform is able to integrate information from dozens of health and social care systems to create unified family datasets. Clients can then immediately focus on their data content and how to use it.

  • Real-time chronologies mean insight is always relevant and current. Users can see support services provided, in play or pending.
  • Transparent platform design allows appropriate agencies access to information about individuals and family compositions. Permissions can be configured to extend visibility and collaboration.
  • Fully-configurable profiling scenarios enable proactive and effective focus and monitoring. The complexity of social needs is reflected – the nuance and delicacy of vulnerability is preserved so holistic support packages can be provided.
  • Customisable vulnerability scenarios can be set to trigger automated alerts for the appropriate teams, driving action and accelerating support.
  • Predictive analyses flag future risks, allowing preventative support to make a real difference in the lives of families and individuals.

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