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Data Archiving and Retention

Data Archiving and Retention

Keeping systems lean and agile. Keeping you in control

At a glance

There is an age-old conflict of interests. Computer systems need to stay lean and agile, shedding old information that is rarely referenced, while some information must be kept by organisations for many years after its day-to-day relevance has past.

Examples include financial information that must be kept for seven years and, as an extreme case, adoption and fostering information that must be kept for 100 years.

The Sentinel Archiving and Retention Utility can help with this issue. Configurable extraction rules allow you to decide exactly when data can be removed from front-line systems and held in the retention database. Tailored business screens provide controlled access to users, based on the same security model used in its original system. Finally, the configurable deletion rules allow you to decide which data is held in the Utility and for how long.

Key benefits

More efficient front line systems

The configurable extraction rules can be run as frequently as you wish to ensure that data is being automatically extracted to the retention database.

Consistent information security

With the ability to set up complex security models, you can include any levels of personal and sensitive data in the retention database, safe in the knowledge that strong access controls are in place for business users. Also, all access is logged for future reference, and alerts can be setup in case users try to access information they are not entitled to view.

Efficient data access

The archived data can be indexed in multiple ways to ensure that the user screens are able to identify and present the required information quickly and reliably. Users can be given access to display information on-line, or also to download documents or produce extract files.

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