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Data Migration Software

Data Migration Software

Supporting all IT projects involving data transfer

Bringing a tried-and-tested methodolgy and approach to data migration

Without specialist data expertise engaged on an IT project, there are significant risks involved in the timing and quality of data being made available to support testing and cutover phases.

Sentinel avoids this risk through its own Data Migration Utility which has been designed to support any IT project that requires data to be transferred into a new system, regardless of the systems and databases involved.

Capable of handling all types of data, our Utility and data consultancy approach saves project time, transforms data quality and the success of overall project delivery. 

Features and benefits of Sentinel's Data Migration Software

Avoid bespoke development

Without using a specialist data migration consultancy and data migration utility, all migration processes need to be bespoke built. Organisations frequently under-resource and under-estimate the time required to develop these processes – risks that can be avoided by using Sentinel.

Any system or database type

Our data migration software and experience can be quickly applied to any systems and type of database using our configurable, rules-based approach.

Enhances data quality

Enabling teams to focus on the systems and processes rather than data quality, Sentinel’s data migration software uses sophisticated matching techniques to automatically transform the quality and completeness of data.

Comprehensive reporting and data profiling

Once the data has been extracted into the Utility, any validation, transformation and load activities will automatically generate detailed reports showing data volumes, data profiling results and exception lists.

Improved system trials

Sentinel's Data Migration Utility makes it easier and quicker to use trial migrated data to for more rigorous testing of new systems. Spend less time developing migration processes and more time checking actual data content and whether it is able to support your new system processes.

Compliant migration of personal data

When personal data is being migrated the migration utility can be used in conjunction with the Sentinel Data Scrambling Utility to ensure that new systems are tested in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

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