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Data Scrambling

Data Scrambling

Risk-free use of personal data in testing

Safely anonymising data in project testing

Sentinel provide comprehensive data consultancy support for IT projects, including the ability to safely use personal data in project testing phases.

Sentinel can support or lead on all aspects of a project's test data requirements from the initial analysis and profiling, any data scrambling / data anonymisation requirements (including reconciliation and compliance checking) or advising on test system setup and data transfer to protect real personal data where it must be used.

Our services are supported by our own Data Scrambling Utility, which has been designed to support any IT project that requires anonymised personal data, regardless of the systems and databases involved.

By selectively scrambling and moving the contents of every field, the Utility will ensure project testing phases are as realistic as possible, whilst ensuring they comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

Key features and benefits

Understanding your options

We can help to quickly and confidently assess whether your project can use scrambled data or whether it must use some aspects of real personal data as part of the solution testing. All such analysis and findings are fully documented to provide a detailed audit trail for your project.

Safe use of real personal data

Where real data is required, we can help create the appropriate processes and test systems to help protect this data. If required, we can even host a 'Walled Garden' test system in our secure server environment.

Consistent scrambling

Where personal data can be scrambled it should be. Sentinel can do this for you in a quick and reliable way using our powerful scrambling utility. We can even scramble data in a consistent way across many source systems to provide an integrated test landscape.

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