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Data scrambling utility

Data scrambling utility

Risk-free data testing

Providing safe, realistic and compliant data testing

The Sentinel Data Scrambling utility provides a fast, flexible and efficient means of scrambling large amounts of personal (and personal sensitive) data, in an integrated way, across a variety of test systems on your landscape.

By scrambling a person's record it is made anonymous so the original person cannot be identified, yet the data is still realistic. This allows you to conduct safe and reliable testing on IT systems that hold and process personal data, without breaching the Data Protection Act (1998).

Key features and benefits

  • Enables organisations to carry out valid testing of their systems
  • No risk of test processes or personal data leaking out into the real world, such as a test scenario accidentally sending an email or text to a real customer
  • Easy to set up
  • Works with data from any structured source
  • Clients determine how to scramble data in each field (including numeric values) based on a range of rule types
  • Multiple source systems can be plugged in so that data can be scrambled in exactly the same way across an entire test landscape
  • Uses Sentinel Data Hub technology and so is rules-based and can be managed by our clients
  • Can be incorporated into test system refresh processes to ensure test data is always Data Protection compliant

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