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Asset Data Hub for Housing Organisations

Asset Data Hub for Housing Organisations

Improved asset management driven by a holistic view of data

Good asset management depends on access to good data

Sentinel’s Data Hub enables housing organisations to transform their operations and look to the future by providing the most accurate, complete and accessible information about their residential and non-residential assets.

Data from any number of sources is integrated to form a single, holistic view of a properties and their history, including refurbishments, repairs, occupancy and voids, fixtures, fittings and warranties. The Hub supports a detailed, hierarchical approach to recording assets, ranging from whole estates and blocks to rentable units, rooms and individual appliances.

Information feeds back seamlessly into existing systems to enhance understanding and guide proactive management and reporting to improve housing stock. Automatic alerts can be set to remind team members whenever action needs to be taken.

Helping to ensure assets meet corporate objectives and customers’ expectations, the Hub enables organisations to achieve and demonstrate value for money by using their resources in the most effective and efficient way.

Example project - Home Group

Building accurate ‘golden records’ for each of its 55,000 properties. Further details.

Wide-ranging applications and benefits include:

Improving sustainability and Value for Money metrics - take decisions based on a better understanding of properties and their condition. Target resources, including upgrades to improve energy efficiency, where data tells you they will have the biggest impact.

Guiding future investment and reducing risk - use data to guide your new-build, procurement and disposal strategies, balancing customers’ current and future needs with profitability.

Identifying and resolving problems at an earlier stage - the Hub increases understanding of why issues are happening by highlighting themes and trends such as property age, construction type, dangerous features (including steps and stairs) or the use of certain materials.

Easier reporting, accounting and planning - benefit from ready-access to property numbers and data required for financial tracking, including asset month-end reporting, component accounting and managing sinking funds.

Improving safety and compliance - maintain better records and, where relevant, share data with partners in order to meet statutory obligations, including the golden thread of information for high-rise buildings.

Better management of voids - avoid rent loss by minimising vacant properties as part of an enhanced understanding of assets and occupancy, including properties that are about to become vacant.

Secure, flexible, user-focused data technology

Sentinel’s software is flexible and easy to implement with data views that can be tailored to meet the requirements of specific teams. Features and benefits include:

  • The ability to integrate information from dozens of data streams and systems, both internal and external.
  • A complete chronology to the records that make up an asset’s history.
  • Fully configurable, putting you in control of setting profiling criteria and the scenarios that trigger automatic alerts.
  • Comprehensive security and data governance features include easy-to-set permission/access levels.

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