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Data Insight for Housing Organisations

Data Insight for Housing Organisations

Complete, accurate data integration forming a single, coherent view

Data for efficient, responsive and future-focused housing services

Complete and accurate data is crucial for effective, sustainable housing services and is a prerequisite for the use of next-generation business insight technologies. Sentinel’s industry-leading data integration enables organisations to improve operations and benefit from predictive and intelligent software.

Fragmented systems, poor quality data and an inability to integrate these resources currently prevents housing providers from meeting their full potential by creating blind-spots which impact efficiency and transparency.

Sentinel’s software overcomes this by integrating data, such as customer accounts and maintenance records, into a single coherent view which allows every part of the business to operate from a centralised platform. The platform is configurable and supports existing internal and external reporting requirements.

Right-first-time decisions driven by deeper understanding
Powerful analysis software, with accurate data integration at its heart, can empower businesses to make the right changes, at the right time. Effective decision-making requires a unison of data integration and intelligence tools; giving users the ability to monitor trends at different levels, saving time and resource. For example, by enabling users to switch between area, asset, owner and customer views, issues can be escalated and addressed at the right level, first time.

Accurate, holistic data for next-generation intelligence
The benefits of data integration extend beyond consolidation. Predictive and intelligent software are essential for businesses to remain effective. Ensuring data is accurate, holistic and consistent is the first step in cultivating meaningful insights from the next generation of technology. Complete data integration provides the foundation for this insight.  

A platform for new technology and change
Agility requires insight. The COVID-19 crisis changed the ways homes are used; working from home increased significantly. Looking forward, the roles of housing will continue to evolve. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and ‘Smart Homes’ are being adopted in social and private sector housing, bringing a new dimension to how needs are communicated. The challenges and opportunities of foreseeing, planning and meeting the changing demands and expectations of customers lie in data. 

Providing a foundation of data quality

Our industry-leading integration delivers a quality data core, improving the relevance and accuracy of predictive and analytics technologies. It also improves effectiveness; complete and comprehensive information is essential for better working.

Further features include:

  • Complete case histories and legacy views allow regression analyses to provide meaningful predictions.  
  • Classification models benefit from a feed of holistic and comprehensive data, shedding light on valuable information for planning decisions.
  • Customer profiles linking every facet of engagement ensures clustering techniques encompass contexts and histories.
  • Effective anomaly detection rests on its data feed. By eradicating blind spots, our integration means real issues are highlighted. 

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