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Housing Data Hub

Housing Data Hub

Providing an accurate, up-to-date single view of customers and assets

Transforming housing organisations’ use of data

Sentinel’s industry-leading data technology enables housing organisations to transform their operations by providing an accurate, up-to-date single view of customers and assets. Housing associations we're working with are seeing wide-ranging benefits.

Housing data is often fragmented and of poor quality, with issues compounded by mergers. Overcoming these challenges, our Data Hub integrates data from any number of sources to form an accurate single view which leads to deeper understanding and improved, more timely decision making.

Enhanced Master Data can be fed into front-line systems, empowering housing organisations to deliver efficient, sustainable services and achieve their objectives and obligations by becoming more needs-driven, proactive and innovative.

Sentinel’s Data Hub supports housing organisations in any one or all of the following business areas through a successful approach to Master Data Management (MDM). Click on the titles for further details.

Customer Hub – Fully-integrated records to understand and respond to customers' needs, now and in the future.

Asset Hub - Providing the most accurate, complete and accessible information about residential and non-residential assets.

Data Insight - Providing a foundation of high-quality data to improve current and future working.

Organisational Transformation – Overcoming the challenges of fragmented data and disparate data from mergers to present a clear picture.

Combatting Tenancy Fraud – Using data anomalies to automatically highlight issues that may indicate fraudulent activity.

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