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Troubled Families

Troubled Families

How the solution works

Five steps to a successful Troubled Families programme

Our Think Family Hub solution has been specifically designed to help local authorities tasked with identifying and supporting families through Phases 1 and 2 of the Government’s Troubled Families programme.

Tackling key issues faced by Troubled Families teams, the innovative software quickly and easily transforms the quality and breadth of data at your disposal, without the need for a costly and intrusive transformational project. It also enables individual teams to set and automatically apply discretionary criteria so they can identify families that require support.

To find out how we can help you deliver an effective Troubled Families solution in five easy steps, click on the screens below:

Click on the images to see the detailed steps


Step One: Bringing data together

How it works 2 link

Step Two: Identifying families in need

Troubled Families step three link

Step Three: Addressing specific issues

Troubled Familes stage 4

Step Four: Providing effective support

Troubled Families step 5 with link

Step Five: Monitoring every outcome

Once in place, our Hub can easily be extended and configured to help local authority teams with other related solutions including MASH and Early Education Entitlement funding.

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