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Young People Tracker for Local Authorities

Young People Tracker for Local Authorities

Data software for Integrated Reporting and managing NEETS

Providing front-line teams with a clear view

Sentinel's Young People Tracker automatically builds a comprehensive and accurate picture of school leavers.

By integrating multiple data streams - including education, employment and care - the software enables authorities to quickly identify individuals at risk or already NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). The platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of front-line teams, helping them to direct support where it’s needed.

How the Tracker works

School leaver information is automatically taken from school MIS systems to understand who needs to be tracked. Sentinel’s technology then pools multiple data streams to provide a holistic, up-to-date view of an individual’s journey beyond school and highlighting those cases where intervention is required. Information is fed from sources encompassing the following areas:

Education and training – showing applications, enrolments, non-starters, drop-outs, transfers, leavers and those on a gap year.

Employment - including those going into the armed forces or taking temporary positions.

Health, legal and care-related - covering long and short-term care issues, SEND needs, pregnancies or youth offending.

All incoming data is automatically checked for completeness and accuracy with exception reports provided for failed records. The Tracker then matches all data to provide a complete view of every young person.

On-line portal screens can collate information school careers officers may wish to add. This is automatically added to the young person’s record.

The solution then provides ongoing case management to track and manage the interactions with the young person as well as fulfilling all NCCIS submissions and reporting obligations to the DfE.

An optimised solution with wide-ranging functionality

The user-friendly software is tailored to meet the needs of school officers’ requirements and local authorities’ needs. Detailed tracking and ongoing case management is facilitated by the following features:

  • Online forms for direct input by third parties such as school careers officers
  • The ability to upload supporting documents and create contact records
  • Email and letter templates to support a range of communication channels
  • Automatic alerts when an individual’s status becomes unknown or lapsed
  • Safeguards to prevent inaccurate status updates
  • User-friendly XML file creation to manage content for DfE NCCIS submissions

For more information

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