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Data solution helps to improve outcomes for Liverpool families

A key aim of Liverpool City Council is to empower people to enjoy the best possible quality of life and reach their full potential. One of the ways it achieves this is by protecting and supporting vulnerable residents.

The Liverpool Families Programme was launched in 2012 in response to the Government’s Troubled Families programme to improve the outcomes of families with complex and multiple difficulties.

Focusing on prevention and early intervention, the programme aims to use family-wide intelligence to target resources and maximise impact. Between 2015 and 2020 the programme's objective is to improve outcomes for up to 7,000 families.

However, like many other organisations, the council faced challenges including growing volumes of fragmented data and manually-intensive processing methods which hindered the full picture.

A government audit conducted by the MHCLG in 2017 recommended the use of an automated ICT solution and the council set out to find a suitable provider.

After researching other Core Cities’ solutions, viewing demonstrations and receiving recommendations from another Core City, Liverpool decided that Sentinel Partners’ Think Family Data Hub provided the solution it was looking for.

Sentinel’s Thin­­­k Family Solution

Sentinel Partners’ industry-leading Data Hub provides a powerful, scalable data integration and data sharing solution which meets all the council’s key requirements, namely:

  • Automatically integrating large volumes of data (initially 32 data feeds) from multiple sources , including partner agencies
  • Providing data teams with an up-to-date, accurate single view of individuals and family groups
  • Automated family matching
  • Identifying families that meet programme criteria
  • Improving partnership working through controlled, secure data sharing via portals
  • Tracking and monitoring families’ progress for Payment by Results (PBR) outcomes
  • Providing performance information to MHCLG­

Staff are in full control and able to configure the rules for relevant data to be added, cleaned, validated and matched.

In addition to families, groups can include extended families, gangs or any associations based on common events, locations or known relationships.

Further features include:

A scoring mechanism, based on levels of risk in different factors, to flag issues that inform lead professionals that a family needs support. Different scoring rules can be applied to different scenarios and to the different teams.

Profiling functionality, which can be provided to as many different teams as need access.

Improving outcomes

Liv results gif

Sentinel’s Think Family Data Hub has provided the council with a better understanding of families across the city and the services they require.

The system immediately produced positive results by alerting the programme to significantly more families with complex needs.

It has also contributed to an improved Data Maturity Model outcome from ‘Developing’ to ‘Maturing’ with aspects of ‘Mature’ – and helps to evidence local progress of the Liverpool Families Programme and wider partnership work.

Looking to the future

The Think Family Hub has the functionality and capacity to evolve to meet ongoing data requirements. The city council and Sentinel are currently looking at ways to incorporate predictive profiling, identifying patterns of incidents that lead to concerns.

This has the potential to support earlier and better targeting of interventions to help vulnerable individuals and family groups.

For more information

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