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Hub identifies families for early help

Sentinel’s data technology has alerted Liverpool City Council to more than 4,000 families that could benefit from early intervention.

Serving to improve lives and prevent existing issues from escalating, early help should also result in significant cost savings when compared to dealing with issues at crisis point.

For example, annual in-care costs for children average more than £160,000 nationally, with foster care amounting to around £35,000. This compares with costs of less than £10,000 for supporting a family that has children remaining at home.

The cohort was identified by Sentinel’s Data Hub technology which has been used by the city council to find families that are eligible for the Government’s Troubled Families programme.

Whilst they don’t exhibit the multiple issues that enable them to qualify for programme funding, the 4,000 families are still an important focus for the council’s early help team. Most were previously unknown to the team.

“Providing support at an earlier stage, before families spiral into crisis, helps to deliver a successful and more cost-effective outcome,” explained Sentinel Partners director, Graham McCusker.

“As well as having a positive impact on families, there’s a continuing benefit for the early help team and, with the city council already using our Data Hub, one that was provided at no extra cost.”


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