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Data Hub for Local Authorities

Data Hub for Local Authorities

Accurate, holistic data driving improved service and collaboration

Transforming service delivery and outcomes

Sentinel’s industry-leading data technology helps local authorities to deliver improved services through an accurate and complete understanding of the citizens and diverse communities they serve. 

Overcoming the issues of fragmented, outdated information, our Data Hub software integrates data from any number of sources to form an up-to-date single view that delivers wide-ranging benefits for the local authorities we work with.

Enhanced Master Data can be fed into front-line systems, empowering organisations and their partner agencies to deliver impactful support to those who need it most.

Sentinel’s Data Hub supports local authorities in any one or all of the following areas. Click on the titles for further details.

Single View of Citizen - Overcoming issues caused by fragmented data to provide the most complete, accurate information about individuals.

Supporting Vulnerable Families - Transforming support programmes by identifying those in greatest, thereby driving earlier, appropriate intervention.

Covid-19 Data Solution - Identifying individuals and families who are most at risk.

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH) - Enabling more coordinated and effective safeguarding through real-time access to accurate, unified inter-agency information.

Young People Tracker - Building a clear picture of what young people are doing as they leave school and highlighting so-called NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training) for further follow up.

Early Years - Supporting two key areas: managing Nursery Education Funding and collecting assessment data. Our secure portal solutions also can be used by providers and parents.

Anti-fraud - Using sophisticated data matching capability to help local authorities to combat benefit fraud and identity fraud across their customer base.

Master Data Management (MDM) - Enabling local authorities to improve services through ready access to accurate, holistic data that can be shared internally and with partner organisations.

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