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(Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs)

Extensive case information at your fingertips

At a glance

Sentinel’s secure MASH dashboard presents individual cases and all related information such as agency involvement and details of family members in a user-friendly format for further analysis and risk assessment.

Additional case notes can be added directly by the MASH team to manage the referral process and provide an audit trail of actions and decision. If required, documents can also be uploaded to provide supporting information or evidence.

Access levels can be set and controlled easily and where necessary, sensitive information can be shielded from those who do not need to see full details.


MASH case connection screen

This overview screen shows a MASH case and all connected data.

Drill-down functionality for connected people provides a wealth of further information to help assess risk and assist decision making.


Child overview

Clicking on the child will reveal a single view showing everything that is known about that child.

Different tabs can provide a rich picture of the child (based on what the user is allowed to see), including information from any MASH partner agency, such as education history and dealings with social care, police and the Youth Offending Service.


Family overview

By clicking on a specific family, every relevant piece of data held in the system can be quickly viewed to gain a deeper understanding of the individuals within the family unit.


Valuable time-line data

Sentinel’s scorecard contains timelines for both the case subjects and their families.  This data is stored by default within the Sentinel Hub. 

Family data is further enhanced if Sentinel’s Troubled Families solution is active as it provides a rich data set for the extended family.

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