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MASH Scorecards

(Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs)

Putting MASH agencies in the picture

The urgent nature of MASH referrals means that new cases need to be continuously monitored to ensure all involved agencies share the required information within agreed time limits.

Sentinel’s MASH solution includes a specially-developed scorecard that presents all data held for the case subject and uses RAG status to show how the case is progressing.

The system enables the full range of agencies - including police, children’s services, education, probation and medical professionals - to share information and spot emerging issues early.

The MASH scorecard also enables co-ordinators to monitor cases in real time using visual gauges that monitor each agency’s response.

Sentinel customers can add partners agencies with required SLAs, as well as escalation points with different RAG time limits. Example screenshots are shown below.



Agency gauges

Presented as a set of gauge controls, the Sentinel MASH scorecard uses RAG colours to show the current status of each agency and time left to submit a response.


Collaborative case management

In addition to all automated information already available, all MASH team members from across the partner agencies can enter additional case or review notes to support the assessment process.

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