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Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Industry-leading MDM technology extends the boundaries

Going beyond traditional MDM approaches

Sentinel’s unique and innovative technology enables organisations to go far beyond traditional Master Data Management strategies to manage, integrate and share data internally and with all of their business partners.

We can extract or receive data from any type of data sources. Our fully configurable and automated processes will validate and cleanse the data to any standards required.

Providing unparalleled data-matching functionality
Our comprehensive Data Hub solution matches and integrates even the most complex and most variable of data based on any matching criteria required. We can match even when faced with data quality issues such as abbreviations and mis-keyed values, non English names and deliberate attempts to disguise identities.  

The most complete Single View
The Hub provides the most trusted and up-to-date Single View possible as the basis for all the innovative services we can offer to add so much more value to any organisation.

As many different groups as clients require

From the Single View we can link any data combination to form groups. For personal data we can build up groups such as families, extended families, gangs or any associations based on common events locations or known relationships.
For commercial data we can build groups based on links such as common products, service consumption or buying habits.

Powerful profiling functionality to highlight different target lists

Based on the Single View and groups we make available, we then provide profiling functionality to as many different teams as need access. We share this targeted data using our highly secure yet flexible Portal technology, ensuring that everyone can see what they need to see.

Our fully-configurable technology is already making a huge difference to organisations and the people they serve. Wide-ranging uses include:

  • Identifying vulnerable children who are most at safeguarding risk
  • Supporting families with complex needs and dependencies
  • Maintaining assets, such as properties in need of repair or servicing based on planned schedules
  • Transforming service through a greater understanding of customers

Enabling organisations to become driven by customers – and data

Many of our clients started with simple MDM aspirations but have all gone on to use our solutions in ways they never thought possible - delivering true data-driven innovation and collaborative partnerships.

Sentinel’s flexible applications provide all the MDM features you will ever need.

Our Data Hub software is easy to use, control and configure, and can be continually enhanced to meet evolving organisational needs. Features and benefits include:

Data from any source and in any format

Received as files from data sources across your organisation or extracted in real-time or batch from front-line systems, including those of partners.

Improves and auto corrects data quality

Presenting a continually up-to-date and accurate master version, and providing exception lists for data in need of review.

Powerful data matching algorithms

A huge range of sophisticated algorithims match any combination of Single View data, generating an enhanced understanding that drives improved management and operations.

Increases consistency and efficiency

Repeatable, consistent and automatatic data processing saves time, enabling teams to focus on customer-facing delivery.

Customised views bring data to life

Alongside our Data Hub, our Business Portal application provides users with a customised access of the Single View data and groups they need to work with – for example products, customers and citizens. The benefits of the Portal include:

Greater flexibility and access

Configurable access levels enables the latest data to be accessed and updated throughout an organisation on a national and international scale..

Bespoke views

Data views are easily tailored to the needs of each team, making data usage and management even more efficient.

Automated alerts 

To notify users of urgent incidents or risks that that must be addressed immediately.

Enhanced sharing capability 

A suite of features driven by the highly-secure HTML5 platform enables web-based access by field-based teams and controlled sharing with external partners.

Subtle information sharing

Providing automated messages to teams who may not be permitted to see some of the underlying source data.

Improving governance and management

Comprehensive security and governance

Including robust data protection compliance for organisations working with personal data.

Complete consent management

Helping to meet GDPR obligations by understanding what consent you have and what this allows you to do.

Supports all main MDM implementation styles

Registry, Consolidation, Coexistence, Transaction/Centralised, and any practical combinations of these to suit your needs.

Easy integration with all systems 

Can be deployed onto any IT landscape (on-premise or cloud-hosted) to work alongside the technology already in place, easily extended when required, no software installation on user devices.

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