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The Sentinel Data Hub

The Sentinel Data Hub

Governance and compliance

At a glance

Data security is of paramount importance to Sentinel which is why all our solutions feature in-built data protection to help organisations comply with strict controls relating to the use of personal or sensitive personal information.

Built using a ‘Data Protection by Design’ approach, our innovative systems safeguard individuals’ privacy and security by ensuring access and processing is strictly controlled and audited.

Key features

  •  All data collected by our Hub is protected by default and can be fully encrypted
  • Standard users never see, or gain access to, the central hub. Instead, they view individually configured portal screens
  • Portal screens can be set up to issue alerts and warnings, without revealing potentially-confidential source data
  • All data access history is logged by the Sentinel Portal enabling clients to track which records have been viewed, any amendments that have been made and when new records have been created
  • No data is downloaded or stored on remote devices. Instead, it is held centrally within the Data Hub

Like all our solutions, the Sentinel Data Hub can be easily integrated, either with existing IT networks or a secure cloud that is hosted remotely.

We offer IL2-equivalent hosted environments for standard personal data solutions and IL3-equivalent for our more sensitive solutions. Where our solutions are hosted, to ensure that all data protection obligations are met, we use accredited partners who are part of the G-Cloud framework.

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