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Sentinel Data Hub

Sentinel Data Hub

An integrated data store that's always accurate, up-to-date and complete

Providing the most complete single view

Sentinel's industry-leading Data Hub is what makes our data integration solutions stand out from the crowd.

Taking data integration and Master Data Management (MDM) to new levels, our powerful Hub merges the content of any data sources - including those holding personal data - to create a central store of accurate and up-to-date information. The resulting records provide the most complete single view and any data combination can be linked to form groups.

Easily configured to meet specific business needs, our highly-secure Hub technology works by using a set of processes, rules and algorithms to extract, validate and match information from any internal or external source. 

Key features and benefits

Improved data quality

The high-quality single records created and stored by the Sentinel Data Hub are a powerful corporate asset that can be used to drive improved and more targeted customer service, as well as enhanced corporate reporting. 

Intelligent updates

Scheduled inbound data feeds keep the Hub up to date. The intelligent technology of the data integration software controls levels of trust of all incoming data, determining when updates should be applied and when they should be ignored.

Easy data sharing

Outbound feeds and online portal screens provide regular controlled data sharing back to any or all of your data sources, enabling all parts of your organisation and even partner agencies to access the latest data.

Integrates with all systems

Developed using JAVA technology, the Hub software can be deployed onto any IT landscape and can integrate with any structured databases and files. Once set up, the Hub's scope can be easily extended to handle all the information you need to share across your organisation.

Real-time data and automated alerts

The Hub's data feeds can be set up to run in real-time or via overnight schedules. Users can also set up automated alerts that will be triggered by specific data changes.

Full audit trail and comprehensive security

In addition to enhanced data integrity, the Hub provides a full audit trail of all actions, whether they be automated or manual. Its wide-ranging security controls include easy-to-set permission/access levels.

The perfect platform for AI and Predictive Analytics

Unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and optimising its benefits requires large volumes of accurate and reliable data. The Sentinel Hub provides this, leading to more accurate and more reliable AI modelling and improved Predictive Analytics. Read more

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