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Sentinel Portal

Sentinel Portal

Providing enhanced data views and controls

Easy access to clear, complete information

Enhanced data views can be rapidly produced via our Sentinel Portal working in tandem with the Sentinel Data Hub.

Portal screens can be configured to display any information held in the Hub, in the form of dashboards, person or family overviews or individual scorecards.

Tailored to meet the specific requirements of teams and individual users, information can be presented or collected in our portal screens in any format required, including graphics, charts or tables.

Cloud-based for universal access, the Portal is also optimised for use on tablets and other touch-screen technology.

Key features and benefits

The Sentinel Portal provides a highly-flexible and user-friendly way of presenting data to an organisation. Access to clear and complete information drives improved performance and customer service as well as supporting strategic decision making. Further features and benefits include:

Controlled Data Sharing

Enables controlled data sharing with specific teams/departments via tailored views. Each user is only able to see the information that they are authorised and need to see.

Easy data entry

Data Entry forms can be created to collect/input information directly from users (both inside and outside your organisation).

Automatic alerts

Notification rules set by users can watch for patterns of information that could cause concern, and then automatically issue lists or alerts.

Flexible technology

Our portal technology is fully web-based so it can be accessed by users on any device type as long as they have appropriate internet or intranet access. With no software to install on user devices, the implementation of our solutions require no desktop rollout.

Security and audit trail

High levels of security based on users' IDs, roles and dual authentication, plus built-in audit logging which records all data accessed.

Sophisticated functionality

Our solutions include the ability to provide new corporate-wide functionality to control the sharing of Shielded Customers and Customer Risk Markers.

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