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Single Customer Record

Single Customer Record

Integrated data driving integrated customer management

At a glance

By providing a holistic understanding of the trends and behaviours down to the individual level, Sentinel’s Single View of Customer solution helps organisations differentiate themselves in providing both a collective and an individual approach to managing their customers' needs.

Combining and cleansing disparate customer account details, Sentinel's Data Hub is able to merge them directly with all other data sources including those used for customer care, marketing and sales, product and service development.

Key features and benefits

Tailored, holistic records

A holistic view of the customer, but split into specific screens for indivudal teams to focus on what is important to each part of the organisation.

Chronology of the customer

Access to a full, integrated history of customers' behaviour and buying patterns. which can be used to predict future trends.

Improved alignment

Holistic customer data enabling you to align products and services to match customers' needs and bundle products together in more meaningful and appropriate ways.

Customer centric

Use your integrated, master customer data to reinforce the customer centricity of your business. Trigger customer communications based on combinations of events or lack of contact.

Increased agility

With regular feeds you will keep on top of new customer demands and be able to identify and react more quickly to changes - customer data management at its best!

Greater accuracy

Drive your business based on a single, most complete and most timely version of your customer information. Spend less time looking for information and more time engaging with your key customers.

Improved customer data protection

In addition to using customer data more effectively, the Sentinel Data Hub offers high levels of data security and compliance with the Data Protection Act.

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