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Single View of Citizen / Child

Single View of Citizen / Child

Integrated data driving joined-up service delivery

At a glance

By providing a greater understanding of citizens and helping local authorities to provide support exactly where it is needed, Sentinel’s single view solutions meet a growing need across the public sector for joined-up service delivery and collaborative working.

Sentinel's software forms an integral part of a local authority's policy for safeguarding and supporting children, vulnerable adults and families, with data from multiple agencies merged to establish a holistic view.

Examples include a Single View of Child solution which is tailored specifically for those public sector organisations and multi-agency groups focused on the well-being and safeguarding of children, including adoption and fostering.

Key features and benefits

Tailored, holistic records

A holistic view providing local authorities with a better understanding of the citizens and increasingly diverse communities they serve. Views can be tailored to meet the data requirements of particular teams. 

Greater accuracy

Highest quality, accurate data and full audit history, the Single View presents the most complete and timely information known about a person from across your agencies. Teams spend less time finding out what is already known, and more time dealing with cases.

Improved collaboration

A joined-up approach to service delivery through effective collaboration between internal teams and external partners such as the NHS, housing associations, social care providers and the police.

Chronology of citizen

Offers a comprehensive chronology of citizen which can include full details of previous incidents and events, old addresses, education, health and criminal records.

Highlights issues at an early stage

Highlights themes and trends enabling problem areas and risks to be identified at an early stage and tackled before they reach crisis point.

Extra protection for sensitive data

Additional security and access restrictions can be applied to sensitive personal data such as that provided by police or mental health agencies or information on shielded individuals.

Example applications

Sentinel's solutions have a key role in local authorities' policies and plans. Example applications include:


Key benefits include the comprehensive, holistic data to help identify and safeguard children and vulnerable adults, as well as alert rules to highlight potential issues before they turn into crises.

Adoption and fostering

Key benefits include provision for the shielding of records required by Adoption Agency Regulations and the integration of data relating to historic cases.

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