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Step 1. Bringing your data together

Our Think Family solution is delivered via The Sentinel Data Hub, an intelligent data software application that talks to any front-line systems and databases without affecting them or the processes they support.

Once you have chosen which information you need, data feeds are configured within the Hub to collect exactly what is required. Data can also be fed in from any external partners and agencies, such as academies, DWP, NHS and housing associations.

Collected data is subject to configurable rules that you own. These rules govern the data validation and data cleansing processes, as well as profiling testing to check quality. You can also match new records with people already on the system, using as many different fields and comparison types as you want.

Matching can also be proposed when dealing with mistyped, mispronounced and misspelt names and our sophisticated matching techniques are able to cater for any scenario ranging from poor data quality to deliberate attempts to deceive.

Additionally, because everything in the Hub is set up using configurable rules there is no bespoke software to write. This means that testing and implementation is quick and agile – teams will be looking at the results of their first full trial data run within just two or three weeks.

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