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Step 3.  Assessing specific issues

As well as notifying you about families in need of assessment, our Think Family solution also provides the key information you require to assess issues relating to individual families.

From a screen offering a holistic view of each family and all its members, with one click you can drill down to see the chronology of events for the family, the agencies already engaged in supporting it and the key worker contact details.

A second click enables users to drill down further so they can view details of any family member and the current and historical information that is known about them. It is also possible to see if the issues are new or re-occurring and whether the family has already been a part of your Supporting Families / Troubled Families programme before.

Once you decide to accept or reject a family onto your Supporting Families programme, the solution will keep an audit trail of the decision and allow you to enter additional information to support the decision.

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