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Establishing a single view of citizens for Tower Hamlets

Sentinel’s Data Hub is at the heart of a project to provide a single index of all citizens receiving services from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The aim is to integrate different case management systems to develop a data hub and business intelligence suite that addresses three key information objectives by ensuring:

- Customer contact centres have access to a single system containing the most up to date data on families. 

- Operational managers can make decisions based on accurate, up to date information and an understanding of what resources other agencies may be allocating to a particular client.

- Corporate directors and CEOs are supplied with models to forecast demand for services.

These information challenges will be addressed by developing and implementing:

1.       A new citizen directory for all customer contact staff

2.       An interactive and cross functional business intelligence reporting tool i.e. dashboards

3.       Predictive modelling tool to forecast demand for services

Following extensive data-matching trials during the tender process, Sentinel’s Data Hub technology was selected by Tower Hamlets to deliver these requirements as our ability to integrate information from across multiple service delivery systems was unrivalled.

Sentinel Director and Chief Technical Officer, Lee Coupland, explained that these data trials were particularly challenging with a requirement to take raw data from 13 different sources and produce single views of as many people as we could match over a two-week period.

“Our Data Hub is based on fully configurable rules that can be adapted and enhanced over a number of iterations of data processing cycles, so we were keen to carry out as many cycles as possible in the days we had available,” Lee added.

“At the end of the trial we had managed to establish over 7,000 more matches than any other system, and this will only increase as Tower Hamlets begin to manage and configure new rules in the full solution that we provide.”

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