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Troubled Families

Troubled Families

Data Integration Software

Transforming your programme quickly and cost-effectively

At a glance

Identifying and supporting families that need to turn their lives around is challenging for local authorities. Sentinel's Think Family Data Hub software enables them to meet this challenge by matching and integrating data from multiple sources to form up-to-date, holistic records of individuals and family units.

Think Family is fully configurable and wide-ranging benefits include proactive, collaborative working and early intervention. By ensuring essential information is always at your fingertips, it’s the perfect tool for assessing and managing your Troubled Families Phase 2 programme, as well as tracking outcomes, sharing information with partners and supplying data for DCLG returns at the click of a button.

Key benefits and features

  • Holistic view supporting early intervention
    Provides a holistic view of each family unit with key information on every member and one-click drill-down for further detail
  • Validates, cleanses and merges data
    Uses sophisticated matching techniques to validate, cleanse and merge data from front-line services and partner agencies, using configurable rules that you control. The system also enables team members to carry out manual matching
  • Automated returns for DCLG 
    With a simple click of a button you can produce a detailed National Impact Study (NIS) costing report, the Family Progress Data (FPD) return and Payment By Results (PBR) claim. All such outputs can be viewed on screen and then downloaded locally to be sent on at your convenience

  • Automatic updates and alerts
    Automatically updates data on a daily basis and provides real-time alerts every time a family crosses your local threshold criteria

  • Extended relationships
    Builds and presents views of all known relationships such as extended families (ex-partners) and gang members plus links based on common events or activities.
  • A full audit trail
    Enables users to record and manage support initiatives, providing a full audit trail of family outcomes to support payment-by-results (PBR) claims
  • Full chronology of events
    Receives events as they are captured on front line systems, direct family referrals via on-line forms and shows the chronology of events up to and beyond the point when a family crossed the threshold
  • Configurable access levels
    Contains comprehensive security features including easy-to-set permission/access levels
  • Easy to integrate
    Works in tandem with your existing systems and technology

Your Troubled Families Phase 2 programme could be benefiting from our technology within a matter of weeks – with no system disruption, no service interruption and no mass user re-training.

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