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Webinar (run in association with Microsoft)

Releasing the Power of Integrated Data for Local Government

Date: Thursday 3rd December, 13:00 to 14:00

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Integrated data transforms the way local authorities operate. Bringing together disparate data into a unified dataset enables them to deliver services that are more effective, efficient and focused on meeting residents' wide-ranging needs.

Join us for this informative session, with a case study presentation from Liverpool City Council, to discover how we can enable help any local authority to create a flexible and powerful Data Integration Platform for the benefit of any services and any partner agencies they work with. 

Let us show you how, in just two months, you can be integrating and sharing critical information, in controlled and compliant ways. 

Sentinel provides corporate-wide data insight and data driven services to local authorities throughout the UK. We enable transformational change without the upheaval or costs of huge transformational programmes. 

Listen first-hand to Liverpool City Council's Families Programme Data and Information Manager to learn about their experiences and what they have achieved over a very short period.


Introductions: Julian Goncalves - Enterprise Channel Manager, Microsoft
Host: Graham McCusker - Director, Sentinel Partners
Guest speaker: John Bowers - Liverpool City Council's Families Programme Data and Information Manager 

Who should attend?

This session is designed to appeal to anyone across a local authority who wishes to improve the way services are delivered to their residents and is looking to enable real collaborative, cross-team working.

Please attend if you are striving to make the most of the information you have available, to proactively support individuals and families rather than belatedly reacting after a crisis has struck.

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