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Powerful, flexible data integration
and data sharing solutions


Transforming organisations' services through market-leading data software solutions that bring information together and enhance understanding.

If you have problems making your data work for your organisation, then please talk to us.  With our experience and products on board, we can help in more ways than you realise. We can transform your world.

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How we're helping organisations respond to the COVID crisis

Data Integration Solutions For Your Sector


Local Authorities

Improving understanding and service delivery through accurate, holistic data. Wide-ranging applications include Single View of Citizens, Supporting Vulnerable Families and tracking NEETS.

Local Authority Data Solutions

Data Solutions for Housing Operations


Transforming housing operations and managing risk by providing a single, holistic view of assets and customers. 


Housing Data Solutions

Data Soutions for Business Intelligence


From fraud detection to transforming understanding of customers through a single view, our integrated data solutions drive rich business intelligence to benefit any company.

Business Data Solutions

COVID-19: Integrating data to enable organisations to respond to the crisis


We're helping UK local authorities and health trusts to identify individuals and families who are most at risk, and provide a fast, targeted and joined-up response.

Our easy-to-use Data Hub software  highlights those with health and care issues and others who are at risk socially and economically.

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An Accredited Data Solutions Provider

Microsoft Azure Partner

We’re a Microsoft Silver Partner, helping organisations to meet their business needs faster and cost-effectively through an ever-expanding set of innovative cloud services.

With its flexibility, scalability, easy access and associated cost savings, we firmly believe Azure is a great way to serve our clients.


ISO Certifications

Committed to quality and security, we're proud to be certificated to both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

ISO 27001 recognises our best-practice approach to handling B2B data while ISO 9001 highlights the quality management principles that underpin our operations.

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