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Transforming organisations' services through market-leading data software solutions.

If your data is not working for your organisation, if it is a challenge and not an asset, then talk to us.  With our specialist experience and targeted product suite, we can help.

About us

Our Platform:

The data platform allows data to be managed and configured to meet business specifications using processes, rules and algorithms to extract, validate, and match information from internal and external sources.

These data sources can be stored on the platform, prioritizing the most accurate and up to date information using our golden record rules. This creates a complete single view of data that then can be used to form groups of complete accurate data. The platform can also be used to eliminate the risk of duplicate data by using matching rules, linking any data that contains similarities.

Data Integration Solutions For Your Sector

Local Authorities

With over 15 years’ experience providing targeted solutions, our suite of products has enabled Local Authorities and partner organisations to meet their goals and serve the most vulnerable in society, empowering our clients to provide better, more effective, support sooner.    

Local Authorities


Local authority data solutions

Supporting Vulnerable Families

Transforming support programmes by identifying those in greatest need, driving earlier, appropriate intervention.
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Integrated Care Systems

Joining up and sharing data for a new era of integrated patient care.

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Single View of Citizen / Child

Overcoming issues caused by fragmented data to provide the most complete, accurate information about individuals.
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Early Years

Supporting two key areas: managing Nursery Education Funding and collecting assessment data. Our secure portal solutions also can be used by providers and parents.
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Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH)

Enabling more coordinated and effective safeguarding through real-time access to accurate, unified inter-agency information.
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Transforming housing operations and managing risk by providing a single, holistic view of assets and customers. Our industry-leading data technology enables housing organisations to transform their operations by providing an accurate, up-to-date, single view of customers and assets.

The Sentinel Data Platform integrates data from any number of sources to form an accurate single view which leads to deeper understanding and improved, more timely decision making. Enhanced Master Data (MDM) can be fed into front-line systems, empowering housing organisations to deliver efficient, sustainable services and achieve their objectives and obligations by becoming more needs-driven, proactive and innovative.



Housing data solutions

Asset Data Management

Improved asset management driven by a comprehensive view of data.

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Housing Customer Data Management

Helping organisations to make operational gains and better meet their customers' needs.

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Housing Insight and Transformation

Complete and accurate data forming the foundation of efficient, responsive, and future focussed housing services.

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Social Housing Tenancy Fraud

Combatting social housing tenancy fraud with advanced data matching technologies.

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From improving understanding of customers to sharing the very latest product information, our data solutions provide wide-ranging benefits.

Enabling businesses to become genuinely data-driven, our Data Platform can transform operations, driving rich Business Intelligence (BI) and helping companies to embrace concepts such as Big Data. We offer complete Data Management for Businesses, including industry-leading MDM, Single View and Fraud Prevention technologies.



Business data solutions

Single View of Customer

Integrated data driving integrated customer management.

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Fraud can have a large negative impact on a business’s reputation, because a business’s relationship with its customer is built on trust. A customer is less likely to trust a business that has fallen foul to fraud.

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Success Stories


Liverpool City Council

Helping one of the UK's largest local authorities focus frontline services identify individuals and families who were most vulnerable. We provided an up-to-date, accurate single view of data, integrating with over 40 different data sources - including 4 from the NHS.

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The business needed an innovative approach to data integration and management, firstly to integrate two groups of legacy systems for the new combined business, but also to improve and standardise the quality and structure of both companies’ legacy data.

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We provided an expert Data Management team, and the flexibility of our Data Platform, to help identify, transform and migrate huge volumes of complex and interdependent data from all three source organisations into the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

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Trusted by


St Helens Borough Council

Transforming support for vulnerable families.

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Supporting an organisation-wide programme to improve data quality

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Supporting the transformation journey at one of the UK's largest housing associations

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Liverpool City Council Logo

Liverpool City Council

Wide-ranging data solutions for early intervention and support

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An Accredited Data Solutions Provider

Microsoft Azure Partner

We're a Microsoft Partner, helping organisations to meet their business needs faster and cost-effectively through an ever-expanding set of innovative cloud services.

With its flexibility, scalability, easy access and associated cost savings, we firmly believe Azure is a great way to serve our clients.


ISO Certifications

Committed to quality and security, we're proud to be certificated to both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

ISO 27001 recognises our best-practice approach to handling B2B data while ISO 9001 highlights the quality management principles that underpin our operations.


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  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality
    and completeness
  • Built using the ICO's "data protection by design"
  • Trusted by public sector organisations and local authorities
  • Experienced, dedicated team of data integration and data sharing specialists

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