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Liverpool City Council

Helping one of the UK's largest local authorities focus frontline services identify individuals and families who were most vulnerable. Sentinel provided an up-to-date, accurate single view of data, integrating with over 40 different data sources - including 4 from the NHS.

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London Borough of Bromley

Pioneering an online solution to streamline the management of early education funding for around 5,000 children across 450 settings. Sentinel's Early Years Funding Portal enables a team of just 4 people to accurately and efficiently distribute £20 million worth of funding.

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Portsmouth City Council

The Sentinel Data platform supports a bespoke version of the Vulnerable Pupil Portal solution (Portsmouth’s Vulnerable Pupil Tracker); a Family Support Planning solution; and our Supporting Families Phase 3 solution, to help Portsmouth meet the requirements of the expanded Supporting Families Phase 3 DLUHC Programme.

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Due the merge of GreenSquare and Accord Housing Association, the data from different housing systems containing different structures and quality scenarios needed to be integrated in order to create new and holistic Housing Stock-List.

The business needed an innovative approach to data integration and management, firstly to integrate two groups of legacy systems for the new combined business, but also to improve and standardise the quality and structure of both companies’ legacy data.

Due to the number of records and properties and matching scenarios in this project, we utilized Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services to compliment the in-built functionality within the Sentinel Data Platform. We used these Machine Learning services to perform 1.5 trillion comparisons to discover and analyse potential matches.

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Birmingham City Council

Adopting Sentinel’s Early years funding portal means that local authorities as large as Birmingham can make light work of the high volume of child records and eligibility checks that need to be processed.

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Birmingham Childrens Trust

Based on our industry leading Sentinel Data Integration Platorm, we developed the Supporting Families Portal, which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Supporting Families Programme.

The solution has been extended and enhanced several times to meet all national and Local Government’s requirements and objectives for subsequent Phases of the programme.

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Sentinel were Data Partner for key phases of the Transformation Programme (including the Financial Operations and Customer Experience modules) as Bromford migrates from a variety of legacy systems and technologies to an integrated system using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We provided an expert Data Management team, and the flexibility of our Data Platform, to help identify, transform and migrate huge volumes of complex and interdependent data from all three source organisations into the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

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Cambrigeshire County Council

We developed an online Early Years Child Assessment Portal that enabled all Early Years providers to record and share assessments for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Every Child a Talker (ECaT).

This Portal is based on our Sentinel Data Integration Platform, allowing data to be integrated to other sources of information available to Cambridgeshire County Council such as Ofsted provider listings and Early Years Funded children.

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Home Group

We provided our industry-leading master data management (MDM) system to integrate Home Group's data from all their housing management systems to provide a new property data asset.

The MDM platform includes external reference data such as the Post Office Address File (PAF) that helped in validating and matching address detail to ensure all of Home Group's property records could be properly identified and matched together.

Our data specialists worked with the Home Group team to create all the housing-specific Portal screens, reports and extracts to support their data and business needs.

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St Helens Council

As Part of the Supporting Families programme St Helens needed to identify families in need of support. Our Supporting Families Solution enabled them to better identify families more in need.

Many of these families are now funded and achieving successful outcomes with significant and sustained progress. With the help of our software, St Helens now meet all of their Supporting Families Programme targets and are in the top ten performing councils across the country for the programme.

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London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Our Supporting Families Solution has enabled London Borough of Tower Hamlets to more effectively identify families in need.

The built-in audit reporting provides detailed evidence required for PBR claims and other government reporting requirements, and key tasks were automated, increasing accuracy & efficiency while reducing costs. Single View Portal views are available to call centre users to provide immediate access to the key information they need to help support residents when they call with a question or a problem.

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Devon County Council

Using the Sentinel Supporting Families Solution, Devon County Council were able to more effectively identify families with multiple complex needs and dependencies. The quality of data available across the authority and its partner agencies has been enhanced and is far more visible.

We have since provided further software and data service solutions to Devon County Council, assisting their work beyond the Supporting Families Programme. This has included the provision of a Microsoft Azure Power BI data warehouse, providing a comprehensive 360 view of residents and associated data points.

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North Yorkshire County Council

Sentinel’s Data Integration platform and Single View of Child Portal was implemented and made available to MAST (Multi Agency Safeguarding Team) users, enabling earlier and more informed decision making and intervention.

North Yorkshire County Council was the first local authority to receive “Outstanding” across the board in the Ofsted ILACS inspection.

Sentinel’s technology allows CYPS staff to access all relevant information at first contact, assisting their work to provide help and support as early as possible.

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North Lincolnshire council

North Lincolnshire required the ability to integrate data from a wide range of internal and external sources to form comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date holistic views of individuals and the families they belong to.

The Supporting Family solution offers fully configurable eligibility rules, enabling North Lincolnshire Council to define profiling rules for eligibility according to the requirements of the Supporting Families programme and their own local TFOP (Trouble Families Outcomes Plan) which incorporates the council's own priorities in responding to their family's needs.

The platform also tracks the cohort’s continuing progress and show where interventions and support services have been successful and where they have not. This allows them to focus resources on the more effective services.

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North East Lincolnshire council

North East Lincolnshire Council needed a data driven method of identifying and profiling families who were eligible for support as part of the then national Troubled Families Programme (now Supporting Families Programme).

Using our Supporting Families Solution North East Lincolnshire were able to more effectively identify families with multiple, complex needs.

Due to the sensitivity of the information involved, shielded record controls and very strict access rights were an integral part of the solution. Information is only shared on a very controlled, need-to-know basis.

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