Sentinel supports changes to data-sharing guidance

Sentinel has welcomed the proposal to add a “no surprises” requirement to the list of principles on how health and social care data should be shared.

Originally developed in 1997, the Caldicott Principles set out guidelines that organisations should follow to ensure information that can identify a patient is protected and only used when it is appropriate to do so and in patients’ best interests.

A two-year review of the seven existing principles has led to proposed revisions, plus the addition of an eighth principle of “no surprises” for patients and service users with regard to how their confidential health and care data is used.

“This seems like a natural progression and, in our experience, reflects the direction that’s already being taken,” explained Sentinel Partner director, Graham McCusker.

“We constantly see the benefits of compliant and appropriate data sharing and this move definitely fits in with Sentinel’s culture and our aim of helping clients use data for good.

“Interestingly, the announcement by the Data Guardian also raises the question of whether we should continue some of the emergency data-sharing arrangements that are in place because of the need to help the public sector respond to Covid-19. This is something that certainly should be discussed.”

The consultation by National Data Guardian, Dame Fiona Caldicott, runs until September 3. For further details click here.

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