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  • Enhanced single view in Cambridgeshire

An enhanced single view of early years children across Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire County Council has gone live with the latest addition to its fully-integrated early years child development solution.

Helping to analyse and manage the progress of pre-school children, the upgrade enhances the range of online assessment forms and dashboards available to settings across the county.

Sentinel's system ensures that an ever-growing range of information from the early years settings is made available to central teams across the council and its children's centres.

Graham McCusker, director of Sentinel Partners, said: "This is the latest phase in a continuing programme of integration that sees Cambridgeshire pioneering new levels of data management to provide a single view of a child's development across their pre-school years. 

"Based on their authorisation, teams are able to assess child development across any key attributes , across any geographical area and for any combination of settings and setting types."



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