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Artificial Intelligence / Data Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence / Data Intelligence Solutions

Guiding proactive decision-making and improving pre-emptive support

Helping organisations use Data Intelligence to benefit society

Sentinel is committed to helping public sector organisations make better use of data to positively impact people’s lives. Intelligent software is the next step in helping us to achieve this aim.

We can deliver the benefits of data intelligence to empower organisations to be proactive in providing more appropriate and targeted support services.

Intelligent software works from the accurate, holistic view of data provided by our industry-leading integration technology. Because the software is applied to data that has been integrated from multiple sources, it is able to discover significant patterns and produce relevant predictions. These provide service professionals with meaningful insights that can be used to identify and help the most vulnerable.

The focus and remit of software intelligence is driven by the professionals’ own skills and experience, with teams steering its direction and engagement to best serve their needs. The result is a collaborative, harmonious and refining cycle of smart working.   

The effect of intelligent software is immediate with the benefits of enhanced insight used to guide decision-making and improve support. Services can be designed to make a real difference to people’s lives sooner, addressing risk and preventing serious needs from developing or impacting others.

Teams can be more proactive, using their experience and expertise earlier and more effectively in providing holistic prevention and support. Resources can be directed towards an effective pre-emptive support model, making lives better by prevention, rather than remedy.

Compliance remains the same. Accountability and adherence to data protection regulations are not changed when implementing intelligent software. With regard to GDPR, established responsibilities, obligations and constraints remain unaffected as the benefits of intelligence software are introduced.

Intelligent software is the organic evolution of how we already rely on technology to work more effectively. Sentinel delivers its benefits to empower organisations to provide more appropriate, targeted and efficient support services to the most vulnerable in society.

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