Sentinel’s data solutions chosen by three more local authorities

December 2018 | News

Sentinel has been appointed to provide new data integration and data sharing solutions for St Helens Council and two local authorities in Lincolnshire.

The project for St Helens will support the council’s Troubled Families programme while Sentinel’s team will develop an advanced Master Data Management (MDM) solution for North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire councils.

Selection by St Helens was based upon a recommendation from neighbouring Liverpool City Council where Sentinel has recently completed a very successful project to help the authority meet the requirements of Phase 2 of the Government’s Troubled Families programme.

Sentinel Partners director Graham McCusker said: “We take pride in providing the most powerful and most flexible data integration systems available to the public sector and it’s fantastic to know that our local authority clients are happy to recommend us to others.

“The Liverpool commission was itself based on a direct recommendation from Birmingham, so the news about what we can do is certainly spreading.”

Unique technology

Using unparalleled data-matching functionality, Sentinel’s solution for St Helens will integrate data from a wide range of multiple internal and external feeds to provide the St Helens team with the most complete and up-to-date master view.

Data will be automatically checked and grouped according to whether families have crossed the thresholds defined and set by the council team.

Sentinel’s unique technology will also track the cohort’s continuing progress and show where interventions have been successful.

Built-in audit reporting will provide the detailed evidence needed for PBR claims and all other Government requirements.

Single view

For North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire councils the combined data integration system will create a single golden record for every person.

Providing enhanced business intelligence, Sentinel's systems enable organisations to work more collaboratively with their partner agencies, to optimise efficiency and to target resources where they are needed most.

The solution will also help them to achieve their vision of supporting communities and shaping the area into a prosperous place to live, work, invest and play.

While carrying out key tasks automatically and enhancing data quality, the systems will also flag areas for manual checking and remain fully-configurable by the councils.


Graham McCusker added: “All of these new clients are excited about the possibilities we provide and are already talking to us about the next steps once their initial projects are complete.

“This is a common theme as clients learn more about the scope of our solutions and the impact they deliver.”

The appointments follow the successful completion of single view and Troubled Families projects for other UK councils, including Tower Hamlets and Devon, as well as Birmingham and Liverpool.


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