Sentinel's technology makes GDPR compliance easier

February 2018 | News

Sentinel's data integration and management solutions support key aspects of the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation that comes into force in May.

GDPR reinforces existing data protection responsibilities and adds some new data management duties on organisations that collect and process personal data.

Where organisations are struggling to meet these new requirements, Sentinel’s Single View software will help.

If an organisation relies on consent to hold and process personal data, especially for marketing communications, then this is one of the key areas of change under GDPR.

Sentinel's software will enable clients to track who has provided consent and exactly what authorisation it gives. Where required, online forms can be included to give customers direct access to manage their own data and levels of consent.

Sentinel’s Single View also ensures organisations know exactly what information is held about an individual, from where it was sourced and how long it has been held.

It supports the data life cycle and will highlight when data should be removed or archived from your systems based on your data governance policies.

The Single View across all databases makes it much easier to manage and respond to Subject Access Requests in the shorter timescale GDPR stipulates.

Sentinel Partners director, Graham McCusker, said: “The new responsibilities GDPR places on organisations can sound daunting but in reality they are mainly reinforcing the data governance obligations that are already in place.

"However, if an organisation is struggling to view and manage the personal data they hold then our technology can help to make compliance as straightforward as possible.

“Underpinning the new functionality are the built-in data protection and privacy safeguards that have always been a key feature of our systems.”


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