Home Group steps forward with pioneering data system

September 2020 | News

A pioneering new data system is enabling Home Group to improve its asset management by building accurate ‘golden records’ of every one of its 55,000 properties.

Developed by Sentinel Partners, the newly-launched system has already improved data quality and reporting capabilities, and plans are being made to extend its use across the Group.

“Having Sentinel’s data hub in place is a big step forward. It will be central to our ongoing data strategy for managing both properties and customers,” explained data architect, Kevin Marsden.

One of the largest housing associations in the UK, Home Group owns almost 55,000 homes which are lived in by 116,000 people.

Home Group recognised the need to consolidate asset and customer information held in different systems and databases.

The Group saw how it could benefit from Sentinel’s industry-leading Master Data Management (MDM) solution used by local authorities, and its data specialists worked with Sentinel’s team to create a housing-specific version.

“The project has delivered a platform that is seen as an enabler to our overall data management strategy  and the hub will continue to be a driving force for us,” added Kevin.

“As an important starting point, we now have ‘golden records’ with accurate, validated address data for all Home Group properties.

“These records are not only improving our data management capability, they are also being used to cleanse data in other systems, including our ‘Open Housing’ management software.”

In addition to the maintenance of existing properties, the solution can support all elements of customer service and the management of building, marketing and selling properties.

Sentinel Partners director, Graham McCusker, said: “The system has huge potential and we’re delighted that it’s already making a big difference.

“We look forward to helping Home Group transform their operations as they extend its use throughout the business.”

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