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A culture of quality

A culture of quality

Always striving to exceed expectations

At a glance

Sentinel's culture is driven by the desire to exceed our customer's expectations in terms of what we can deliver, how quickly it can be done, and how cost-effectively everything can be accomplished.

If we have one driver that stands above all others, it is that of quality - our solutions can be used to help the most vulnerable people in society, when they need it most, so we carry out extensive tests and checks to ensure our systems are right. 

We are agile and adaptable in our approach (as are our solutions), and we will always work in the most appropriate fashion to suit the needs and processes of our clients.

More than just an IT company

Sentinel is much more than an IT company delivering a simple IT service. We guide and advise our customers in a whole range of non IT subjects to make sure that they are best placed to reap all the benefits that data sharing, collaborative working and integrated service delivery can bring.

To help us do this, we don't just use our IT skills, but also provide people with specialist skills to assist with client projects and requirements.

We work with our clients in a mutual partnership. We are fully aware of the Data Protection obligations that accompany the data integration software and systems we provide and we will always be on hand to advise our clients on best practice to help ensure the security and compliance of the solutions we deliver and processes they support.

We are open and honest. We will tell our clients if we think something can be done more quickly or more cost-effectively than they expect, and we will also tell them when we think that their requirements or timescales are not possible.

We believe that our existing customers are the best ambassadors and the best salesforce we could have. This is why we place more importance on the satisfaction and relationship with our customers than we do on employing any army of salespeople (which we don't have and we don't want). 


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