Customers benefit from enhanced technology

March 2017 | News

Ongoing product enhancements ensure that Sentinel's data integration technology continues to lead the way.

Over the past few months we've introduced a host of new features to ensure customers benefit from optimised and faster data integration, as well as even greater accuracy and reporting capability.

Sentinel Partners director Lee Coupland said: “As a technology company we never stand still and are always seeking to move our solutions forward. The fact that we’re helping many of our local authority customers to support some of the most vulnerable people in society acts as an additional spur.

“The team has worked extremely hard to deliver the latest upgrades which have been provided to all our customers and have been extremely well received.”

The recent upgrades are summarised below:

Enriched profiling

We’ve enhanced the ways our technology analyses data to automatically highlight priority records that meet predefined thresholds. This increased sophistication is used most extensively in our Troubled Families and Single View of Child solutions, and helps a local authority to identify and target the people and families most in need of help.

Heightened data accuracy

The Data Hub that powers all Sentinel’s solutions has always been able to merge disparate data streams in order to provide more accurate and comprehensive records whilst flagging any questionable data for manual checks. We have taken this even further, and now offer an even greater range of functionality to help process and manage our clients' data, regardless of the levels of data quality and completeness. Our most recent change ensures that every solution is able to make the very best use of the data available.

Even faster processing

With our clients needing to load and process ever-greater volumes of data, we’ve ensured our systems can manage multiple data streams simultaneously while continuing to show real-time updates.

More user-friendly features

Used to set up data feeds,  data processing rules and business screens, our wizards have become even more user-friendly with a raft of new features, including drag and drop functionality.

New reporting options

Information has always been brought to life through the visuals on our Portal technology. Recent improvements have included the introduction of radar and heat maps, plus a comprehensive grid view showing RAG status.


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