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No matter what size of organisation you are in, what industry sector you are part of, or what type of products or services you provide, understanding and managing your operational data is critical. It provides insight into how you are performing, it shows how happy your customers are and it highlights where your opportunities to improve and grow exist.

As data volumes get exponentially larger and the array of data analysis tools and technologies increase, the way forward can seem bewildering. Our mission is to cut through the noise and the hype, to provide real-world rapidly deployed solutions and knowledgeable consultancy advice.

Our technology is powerful enough to handle big data (with larger clients processing 10 million customers and over 100 data feeds), flexible enough to handle complex and sensitive data scenarios (such as personal data for vulnerable people and complex fire safety data for property management), and agile enough to be up and running in weeks (with initial deployments usually taking 4-6 weeks to implement).

Our approach is flexible and practical. Our consultants are experienced at delivery and focussed on working closely with our client’s teams from day one of a project to get the best from their data and impart all the knowledge they need to manage their solution and own their data.

Master Data Management

We can implement any style of Master Data Management solution based on the needs or constraints you have.

We recommend a deployment strategy that starts small and builds up with incremental projects to meet the needs of all teams and external partners. Each incremental step can apply the most appropriate MDM style to best fit with the business objectives and available data.

Our technology is flexible enough to consolidate and centralise data then build a Golden Record where needed, distribute some data where needed, present some data where needed and shield other data where it cannot be shared.

Master Data Management

Single View

Our technology includes an integral Portal layer that can be used to create any number of presentation applications, each only sharing what can be shared with that user group. We can provide Single View Portals which are tailored to the specific needs of each team and the services they provide.

These Portals can be extended as needed to include data collection forms (for the cleansing or enrichment of data), workflow management to initiate processes, and status alerts / dashboards to highlight concerns and critical task lists.

Single View

Sentinel Data Services

Data Integration

Combine data from fragmented sources into one unified view. This integrated unified view of data can then serve as the most complete and accurate foundation for efficient data management, meaningful analytics and insights and compliant data sharing. 

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Data Migration

Moving data from a legacy source system to a new target system, including one format to another, one database to another and one application to another – essentially the movement of data between locations.

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Data Masking

Obfuscating large amounts of personal and sensitive data to allow for testing across systems. It provides risk-free use of personal data in testing across multiple systems, allowing UAT to progress with safe, realistic and compliant data.

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Business Data Transformation  

Businesses change, it is part of growth and part of sustainability. However, many businesses find change challenging— data is often at the heart of this challenge. Our advice is to make the change you need; we have several Business Data Transformation styles to suit your needs, including Migration, Integration, Hybrid, and Added Value Data Transformation approaches. 

Business Data Transformation  

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  • Strict control and monitoring of data quality
    and completeness
  • Built using the ICO's "data protection by design"
  • Trusted by public sector organisations and local authorities
  • Experienced, dedicated team of data integration and data sharing specialists

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