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Troubled Families

Powerful data hub for Troubled Families Phase 2. Validates, cleanses and merges. Easy tracking and reporting. Supports proactive working and early intervention.

Security and Governance

Whether as a hosted cloud or local solution your data is fully protected at all times.

Step One: Bringing data together

Step 1 of Sentinel Partners' Troubled Families data solution - Bringing data together

Step Two: Identifying families in need

Step 2 of Sentinel Partners' Troubled Families solution - Identifying Families in Need

Step Three: Addressing specific issues

Step 3 of Sentinel Partners' Troubled Families solution - Assessing specific issues

Step Four: Providing effective support

Step 4 of Sentinel Partners' Troubled Families solution - Providing effective support

Step Five: Monitoring every outcome

Step 4 of Sentinel Partners' Troubled Families solution - Monitoring every outcome

Troubled Families Phase 2 data solution launch

Sentinel's successful data solution for the national Troubled Families programme has been extended to meet the requirements for the newly-launched Phase 2.

Troubled Families and NEETS solutions for Herefordshire

Sentinel providing combined solutions for local authority teams.

Sentinel appointed to support Liverpool City Council’s Troubled Families programme

Solution will automatically integrate key partner data for Phase 2.

Birmingham Children's Trust

Helping to identify thousands of families in need of support

Devon County Council

Targeting families in need of support

Herefordshire Council

Troubled Families Phase 2, Post-16 tracking, Early Years funding

Recognition for Liverpool's bold Troubled Families approach

Sentinel client, Liverpool City Council, has been recognised by the Government for its bold response to the Troubled Families programme.

Birmingham City Council

Supporting Troubled Families Phase 2

St Helens Council

Meeting the requirements of Troubled Families Phase 2

Liverpool City Council

Supporting the city's Troubled Families programme

Data Hub upgrade provides wider benefits for clients

As well as offering greater online functionality, the new Hub supports a wider range of data reporting options through Sentinel's popular portal solution.

Troubled Families solution for Devon County Council

Using Sentinel's Data Hub technology, the new system will receive and merge information from more than 30 data sources in order to assess families' eligibility.

Single View of Citizen / Child

Sentinel's sophisticated systems merge records from wide-ranging sources to establish a single, holistic and accurate view of citizens. Our solution helps local authorities and agencies to provide a better service, for example in safeguarding children and supporting families in need.

Complex Dependency

An integrated data solution for agencies working together to address complex and inter-related issues that cause crisis for children and families.

Cheshire and Warrington Complex Dependency Programme

Sentinel’s data integration solutions to underpin pioneering, multi-agency programme.

Cheshire & Warrington - Complex Dependency

Multi-agency programme tackling crises in families

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