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Combatting fraud through sophisticated data-matching technology

At a glance

Using the sophisticated matching capability of our Data Hub, we can help any organisation to combat benefit fraud and identity fraud across their customer base.

Sentinel's technology works by highlighting data patterns and anomalies that indicate where multiple records exist for the same person. It even overcomes attempts by individuals to disguise their real identity, for example where they are using deliberately misspelled names or middle names.

Examples of fraud that our solution can identify include:

  • ID theft 
    Identifying multiple records to show a person is claiming the same benefits or services many times over
  • Eligibility fraud 
    Where a person is applying for something that conflicts with eligibility criteria they have already given to other parts of an organisation, such as claiming to be under 60 to qualify for one type of benefit whilst claiming to be over 60 to get a free travel card
  • Location-based fraud 
    Where data anomalies show a person is using different properties to claim for benefits, such as admission preference to a particular school
  • Property-based fraud 
    Where our system shows multiple people linked to a property that has a single occupancy discount being claimed on Council Tax.

Through a web service, our technology can also provide a real time check as part of an application or assessment process. We can also help organisations to share information about specific customers in controlled and compliant ways, so that a cross agency view of the person can be considered .

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